I tend to get some of the same questions a lot, most of these come from Instagram but sometimes they also arrive via E-Mail.

Do you have any tips on getting started in Calligraphy?

I actually have a full series called Calligraphy 101 the link will bring you to the overview page and show you the most recent one first, but each of the posts has a little navigator at the top so you’ll be able to read them in order. The series is still being written, so it’ll hopefully grow to be a complete guide one day.

How does one get started with iPad Lettering?

There’s a blogpost on that as well.

What Setup do you use for filming?

I made a post on this a while ago, some of this has changed by now, until I have time to write an updated post: I use a Samsung Galaxy s8 and the Filmic Pro App to film, as well as the standard movie editor by Samsung for editing. If I have to do some more complex editing I will use Adobe Premiere Pro on Desktop and sometimes I’ll dig out my Sony a7II for my macro shots. Still using my Fotopro/Rollei tripod that I love.

How long have you been lettering?

I’ve started brush lettering 30. December 2015 and decided to look into calligraphy a couple months later, but I only really got into Calligraphy at around October 2016.

Am I allowed to share your work?

Yes, as long as proper credit is given I am fine with sharing of my work.

Can you write my name?

Yes and no. I will write names from time to time, I will always ask for requests on my Instagram Feed or in the stories, I do however not write names for people sending me messages asking, because I just don’t have the time for this.

Do you read your DM’s?

I do, some days I get swamped and I might miss you for a short while, but I try to answer everyone. Just don’t be a creep or rude.

Can we work together?

If you have any idea for a project or collaboration just drop me an E-Mail through my contact form and I’ll get back to you asap.