Welcome to the About Page on I’m Myriam.


Yeah, that’s short for half a pixel. If you’ve got a bit of an idea of this digitial world I’m deeply immersed in, you’ll know that there is no such thing as half a pixel. But it’s not about that. The idea behing halfapx is to see more, to aim for more. When I’ve got to crank a pixel in half to reach my goal, I’ll gladly do it. I wanna get the best out of every pixel.

But halfapx is not only a symbol for breaking pixels into parts, it’s not only a representation for my love of responsive webdesign, where pixels are no longer first priority. Halfapx is also a symbol for myself. Because even though I am deeply rooted in the digital world, I’m only able to do it with half of me. This half is in love with the digital world, obsessed with code and the fact that she can draw images with words and the other half is absolutely lost in a world of drawing words. Calligraphy has me under its spell.

Halfapx is a conglomeration of things I love. I love to write, be it stories and novels over some hundred pages or (relatively) short blogposts about all the things I like doing. On here you’ll find Posts about lettering, Code, some side notes about my nail polish obsession, results of late-night coffee drinking, stuff powered by chocolate, stuff inspired from my Media Engineering classes and everything else floating around in my mind, that wanted to be banned on digital lines of letters.

Myriam. What more?

Myriam, born 1994. From Switzerland.

Since she can remember in love with chocolate and words and everything coffee flavored.

Since 2007 writer of stories and novels.

Since 2011 website-coder.

Since 2013 Frontend Developer.

Since 2014 Communication and English Literature University Drop-Out.

Since 30.12.2015 Letterer and Calligrapher.

Since 2016 obsessed with Instagram.

Since 2016 Owner of a Sony a7II in love with macro photography and manual lenses.

Since 2018 Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Engineering and now full time Frontend Engineer.