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questions, comments, concerns, praise, critique, ideas or anything else you wanna tell me – go ahead and use the form, I’ll try to get back asap.

If you did not receive an order confirmation E-Mail

Please check your Spam folder, hotmail USA has been causing most regular problems, it just seems to put anything coming in from a swiss mail server into the Spam, so you probably won’t be seeing my replies to your E-Mails either. If you don’t get a reply via E-Mail within a week, please try reaching out via my facebook page or Instagram DMs (those do get lost quite often though, so look at those as a last resort)

Please Note, I don’t work for free

If you are sending me messages asking for me to write something for free for you, I will not reply. If you do want to commission work, I’d love to hear what you are looking for. I am a person, if you have a small budget we can try find a solution, but please don’t assume free work, it is very rude and annoying (and is generally regarded so in the whole Creative Community) and because I get hundreds of these every month I have gone to ignoring.

Bookings, Collaborations, Event Calligraphy

I absolutely love doing Brand Collaborations and Event Calligraphy. There is more information on the services I offer in Switzerland on my german site (Deutsch). If you don’t speak German but would still like to collaborate, do not hesitate to send me a message with your request. Generally I do Live Calligraphy in the greater Switzerland area, but I do love to travel and am also interested in international opportunities if they arise.


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