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Pursuing Calligraphy

How I got started and what I wish I knew before diving head over heels into pretty letters

It’s 6.45pm, 29th of December 2020 as I start typing up this blog post. I want to reflect and maybe criticize the way I approached this thing that has now morphed into not only yet another word-centric hobby of mine but a full-blown side-hustle that contributes to my income. And as the five-year anniversary of my journey with letters is just mere hours away, I want to dive a bit deeper. Talk about how I started and how I approached this thing I now call a passion of mine and as I take you along, share some of the things I wished I knew.
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How to Create a Kindle eBook with Enhanced Typesetting using Word + Calibre

and a few websites and a code editor, but you can do it!

A bit more nerdy than we’ve been in a while. Calligraphy content coming back, but you guys on Instagram wanted it, haha!

This is a quick and easy Tutorial on how to properly set up a "pretty" fiction (or any other text-forward) ebook for a kindle. We'll go over formatting basics for your Word Document and a few tips and tricks as well as how to actually set up enhanced Typesetting.

This is going to help you create an ebook that can be sideloaded onto a kindle.

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At Caran d’Ache

About coffee and pens and the smell of Inspiration

Whenever I talk to Americans and ask for the brands they associate with their childhood, they immediately say Crayola. If you ask a Swiss Person the same question, their answer would most probably be Caran d’Ache. But Caran d’Ache doesn’t leave you after childhood. The pens and supplies accompany you into your office or your studio if you decide to carry on your pen and color play. I’ve been in love with Caran d’Ache my entire life. I wrote my first ever Lettering with a cheap brush and my Caran d’Ache Gouche palette that I had since first grade. I literally got rid of all my ballpoint pens except my 849s. There was always this sense of nostalgia attached to it, and so many stories are interwoven with materials by this brand. So, when I was asked if I was interested in visiting the Nespresso Recycling Center and the Caran d’Ache pen factory in honor of their collaborative pen launch, I immediately took a day off my day job to take a look behind their doors. And I felt like I was stepping into some kind of pen wonderland.

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A Case of Uninspiratiocia

Cozying up in the artist’s black hole

April has slipped just right past me and looking back at it it was yet another dark month, yet another month with no blog post and none of those YouTube videos I wanted to put out this year. It's been a frustrating year so far and yet it seems like turning 25 11 days ago has rendered me even more thoughtful than the mood I was in before that number has been looming beyond the horizon. I've been in a creative rut for what feels like months now. So what do I do with a creative rut? Write about it, because deep within my core, the first instinct of mine is still to face the blank page head on and produce absolutely terrible word vomit to process it.

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Teacher Thoughts

My relationship with teaching

This past weekend, I taught my first Calligraphy class in person. It was incredible. And it has caused this spiral of thoughts. This walk down memory lane back to high school. Memories of a past self that wished to be a teacher, but brushed the idea away because her ideal could not merge with her mind's definition. This is my teaching journey (and a writing exercise because I'm rusty).

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My first English Story

A sneak peek and some of my Internet Presence background.

It’s funny how I started my journey online because I was writing and now it’s the hardest thing for me to post. I began writing stories when I was barely twelve and I have been writing novels ever since. I’m twenty-four. I’ve literally been a writer longer than I have not. I started my first blog to share the short stories I wrote. I was very active in a german forum for young writers. I even was writer of the month once and got to go to Hamburg for two days and visit the Carlsen publishing house as a prize. I made my first online friends because I shared my stories online. And then I got into coding. Continue reading “My first English Story”