Come learn with me!

I always loved to learn new skills, and sharing them! Through the years I have gathered knowledge in the field of Calligraphy and Lettering and have started sharing Resources online and offline.

Online Classes

I love Online Classes because they allow you to teach people from all over the world. When I decided I wanted to teach online, I found Skillshare, which is a great platform that allows you to sign up once and get access to numerous classes. As a Skillshare Student myself I truly believe it to be a wonderful platform and have been teaching there ever since! Also I am happy to be able to offer people two free months of skillshare to try. If it isn’t for you, canceling is easy!
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Workbooks & Practice Sheets

I believe Practice Sheets are great if you want to learn at your own pace and want to do most of your research on your own. Using Practice sheets you can trace over letters and get a feel for the shapes.

Explore my Practice Sheets

Workshops (Switzerland)

I would love to travel the world and teach, but right now, I am only doing in person workshops in Switzerland. Since I teach in German, I go over my offerings on my german site. My current and upcoming Workshop will always be available on the Shop Page.
Upcoming Workshops