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Script Guidelines Procreate Brush Set

12.50 CHF

These brushes have shapes defined, thanks to stabilisation they look pretty good, if you draw a mostly decent line, but they do rely on the quickline feature, to create fully straight lines.

Here’s how to create a straight line with it:
1. Draw a line and hold the pencil until you create a quick line
2. Don’t release, instead put an additional finger of your other hand on the streen, this makes the quickline snap in 15° increments.
3. Rotate until fully horizontak. If needed, tap edit line in the top corner to modify the nodes and adjust spacing between angle lines.


Brushset Info

This is a Brushset file, including 15 Brushes.

There is one Brush that is just 55° slant lines. I like to use that one when I’m working fairly loosely in a large size on top of one of the simple ratio lines that don’t already include slants.
The set comes with 3 common ratios, of ascender:x-height:descender, namely 1:1:1, 1.5:1:1.5/3:2:3, 2:1:2. and two different slants, 55° and 65° which I think is a nice more modern slant, while 55° is traditional.

There are also variants for the 3:2:3 and 2:1:2 ratios, one of them more rigid with lines in the height of the x-height on the ascender and descender and ones just including the ascender and descender height.

General Info

This is a Brushset for the Procreate App, available for iPad. These brushes are not compatible with any other App or Program.

Most of my brushes are created with Handlettering in mind, but might be used for drawing as well.
They are pressure sensitive.

All of the premium and some of the free brushes use a custom shape that was created by me, these shapes are not part of the pro library, which ensures a unique look and feel.

Sample Images were all written on an iPad Pro using an Apple Pencil.

Please check out my Procreate Brushes Page for more information on iPad Lettering as well as Instructions on how the download works.


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