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A front Matter generator with ruby

Why I will no longer remember my front matter variables

After an Introduction to Java a few years ago in school I decided to leave the programming languages behind me. I think if we’d have gotten an introduction to Ruby, my opinion would have been different. I had studied ruby for one day, when I wrote the first version of this generator. After a year of Java I was not even able to program as much functionality as I can with just a few lines of JavaScript and CSS today. And the thing I wrote in ruby is definitely more useful. Because It means that I will never again write front matter declarations in a jekyll page.

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Left-Middle-Right-Layout with Flexbox and Float

Centering is not that easy…

The Problem

I’m a big grid fan. A “left-middle-right”-layout is something I’ve used hundreds of times. But because I’ve mostly just worked with elements of the same width, I’ve never realized before, that it is actually not that easy, to really center the middle element. So when I recently wanted to do the same thing with three buttons, I found out, that I had to figure out a new method.

But a solution was found and that’s what I want to talk about today.

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