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Another round of lettering a bunch of Instagrammer’s names, while practicing my flourishing. This is realtime (except for that part in the end). The App I use is Procreate, I’m using a 9.7inch iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and my Custom More V brush, which is available for free

A realtime version of the video I uploaded on my Instagram Account. My process of creating doodle flowers using the amaziopgraph app. In the end I add some lettering to it in procreate. Tools: iPad Pro (9.7) inch, Apple Pencil, Amaziograph App & Procreate App. Music: Title: God’s Man Author: P C III Source: www.pipechoir.com […]

The pressure curve in procreate seems to be kind of a mystery for a lot of people. As soon as it goes into curve some have problems because it looks quite abstract. But if you get the curve right, you can improove your results greatly, without having to master any additional skill. I think the […]