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Doodling in the Amaziograph App – iPad Pro (9.7) & Apple Pencil

YouTube Video

a bit of doodling in Amaziograph, sorry, the white balance of the screen obviously resulted in my hand being yellow. Haven’t shared an Amaziograph Video since the pressure sensitivity arrived, I love that we can now finally use pressure for line variation.

This took 11minutes, it was speed up 2x.


Doodle Flower in Amaziograph – iPad Pro & Apple Pencil

YouTube Video

A realtime version of the video I uploaded on my Instagram Account. My process of creating doodle flowers using the amaziopgraph app.
In the end I add some lettering to it in procreate.

iPad Pro (9.7) inch, Apple Pencil, Amaziograph App & Procreate App.

Title: God’s Man
Author: P C III
Source: www.pipechoir.com
License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License


In Love With Amaziograph

An Introduction into Doodling for Non-Artists

I’ve never considered myself an artist and probably won’t call myself that for the rest of my life. I can’t draw. Well, at least not without help.

Using Amaziograph the whole being-artsy-thing might actually be worth a shot.

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