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Summer Creative Retreat Style Development

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This is the toolset I used in my style development class.

If you missed the class or would like to access it, use this link so I get a small commission. 🙂


The brush I used on the class on the iPad is the stroke Demo
The pen holder I use in my class is custom made by kalemkes on Instagram. The nib I used in the class is a John Mitchell’s 0138, it’s a vintage nib that is super soft. The modern equivalent closest to that is probably a Gillott 303. However, if you are a beginner, I recommend a Hunt22b.

Since I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the tool I use for drawing guidelines. We call them “Geodreieck” in german, the english doesn’t seem to have a set word for it, googling “Geodreieck 30cm” might be your easiest way to find what you want. Amazon seems to carry one made by Rotring Geometric Triangle Set Square Thing (not an affiliate link, just a regular amazon link)

As a reference, here is my base Copperplate

The download will let you download a file with all of the mentioned guide sheets.


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