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Modern Traditions Workbook + Practice Sheets

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A Modern Calligraphy Style inspired by Copperplate, with some added Swirls and space to render it whimsy and pretty.

The Script

The name of this script already alludes to the fact it is rooted in a historical context, taken into the future, simplified and not as strict as it's traditional Counterpart. This Style can be flourishy and extravagant or simple and elegant. It works for many occasions and is fairly simple to learn.

This style can be written with pencils, brushes, brush pens, fude pens, Apple Pencils – and of course, pointed pen.


What you get?

Here’s a bit of Demystifying what all of these Variations mean.

All Versions come in A4 and US Letter Size Paper format.


The Workbook is 80 pages long. 45 pages of text and imagery that go over the reasons why this script looks how it looks, why the practice sheets are created the way they are, how to use the practice sheets, how to use a pen, what tools are needed, how to cope with frustration in the learning phase. I wanted the “theoretical” part to feel more like a conversation between you and me about Modern Traditions and the adventure of learnign Modern Calligraphy. Basically, if you have a look at my blog posts, this is the way this book is written. Personal, eye-to-eye and full of information to make the journey of learning a successful one.
If you have no experience with Calligraphy, get this.
The 35 Practice Sheets are of course included in the workbook, so no need to buy these extra.

Practice Sheets Only

The Practice Part of the Workbook can be purchased separately. If you are experienced with Calligraphy and just want to learn a new style, this is the way to go. There are no instructions with this one, just the sheets themselves.
The sheets come in two versions, one of them being a more simple version with traceable letters and one of them offering space for you to try. Apart from the extra sheets, all of the sheets come on a 5mm x-Height Grid.

  • Empty Guidelines in 3 x-Heights (12mm, 8mm, 5mm)
  • Lowercase Letters
  • Uppercase Letters
  • Numbers and Symbols
  • Flourished Alternatives
  • Ligatures
  • Common Words

Image Files

At the time of publication, Procreate does not offer the possibility to import from PDF files, so if you want to use the sheets on an iPad, you get high resolution image files to work on.

Procreate Brushes

My two absolute Go-To Brushes for this Style, they are available seperately, but if you want them for a bigger discount, here’s your chance.


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This Workbook is for personal use only, and may not be redistributed in any way.

Reviews, Tips and Sharing

If you tried the workbook, I’d love to read your opinions and reviews, so feel free to share. I’ll be posting Tips and Tricks on Instagram, so make sure to follow #moderntraditionsscript and include the hashtag when you decide to share your process with the Lettering Community.

Additional information

Base Product (PDF, A4 & Letter)

Workbook, Practice Sheets Only

Image Versions (300dpi, A4 & Letter)

Practice Sheets, No Images

Procreate Brushes

Azim Pen & 1.5:1:1.5 Grid, No Brushes


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