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“Deuce” 2-in-1 Straight + Oblique Pen Holder by Yoke Pen Co.

11.90 CHF

My Number 1 Beginner Recommendation for Pen Holders. It is a metal flange holder so unlike the Speedball Oblique it allows you to properly align your nib and it also doubles as a straight holder. It features a fairly universal grip (check additional information for specs) and is very comfortable to hold.

Even though the item displays as out of stock, I might still have some available, since they are part of my teaching toolkit. Please reach out via Contact Page if you are interested in buying one. Managing stock digitally is hard with this product since it’s mostly an offline item.

Out of stock


Nibs Not included, pictures may showcase multiple holders, default is 1 holder, no more than 5 pieces per customer

The Pen features a removable flange that sits securely in the holder with no sliding out, the ring of the straight holder holds most modern nibs, but might not fit smaller nibs like a Brause 66. Tthe flange easily adjusts to all kinds of nib curvatures.

Chris Yoke made a Video on how to use it properly:

Note for left-handers

Right now only available as a right-handed oblique. If you’d like a left-handed oblique flange + a right-handed one, you’ll have to go via yokepencompany directly. If you’d like to request me to stock it, send me an E-Mail. If enough people ask I may add it in the future.

Additional information



Handle Material


Flange Material



16.5cm / 6.5in

Barrel Width at Widest Point on Handle

1.1cm / 0.4in

Barrel Width at Point Where Fingers Rest

0.95cm / 0.37in


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