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Calligraphy 101 – The Beginning

An introduction into the world of pointed pen

  1. Calligraphy 101 – The Beginning
  2. My Nib Collection
  3. Let’s talk Holders
  4. Calligraphy material save or splurge
  5. Let’s talk Words
  6. Get Better Hairlines
  7. My Top Black Inks
  8. Whiteout: White Ink Showdown
  9. Calligraphy Starter Kit
  10. Handmade Pen Holders

How does one get started with calligraphy? What supplies can you recommend for a beginner? I get those kind of questions about every other day. So I decided to start this series of Calligraphy 101 to give an introduction into this world I have really started to love in the past year.

In this first post I want to give you guys an introduction into what I would consider the best supplies to get started if you never used a dip pen before.

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Art Process Videos with a Smartphone

How I create my lettering videos for Social Media

I have been getting quite a few questions on Instagram on the different ways I create my lettering videos. I have been promising you guys this Post for a while, so here it finally is. I hope this will answer all of your questions and help you guys out.

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The perfect pressure curve for your iPad Lettering

How to find the perfect setting for your writing

The pressure curve in procreate seems to be kind of a mystery for a lot of people. As soon as it goes into curve some have problems because it looks quite abstract. But if you get the curve right, you can improove your results greatly, without having to master any additional skill.

I think the pressure curve is one of the most significant settings in iPad lettering, since differences of thick and thin are what brush lettering is all about.

In this short guide I’d like to take you along with my personal little search for my optimal pressure curve. I hope my tips can help you find yours too. Continue reading “The perfect pressure curve for your iPad Lettering”


The cheapest versatile Brush Lettering Starter Kit

A shopping list to learn about all brush lettering tool types for a small budget

There are three main pen types to do brush lettering. Felt tip brush pens, fude pens and actual bristled brushes. If you want to get into brush lettering I recommend trying all of them. I tried to think of the most cost-effective way to get a good grasp of the different types, without having to spend tons of money. So this is what I’d put on your shopping list for the very first trip to get lettering supplies. I did make a product choice, but this guide will show you a variety of alternatives too. Total cost of my list is around 15 CHF (which is roughly $15) Continue reading “The cheapest versatile Brush Lettering Starter Kit”


iPad Lettering 101

A Getting Started Guide

iPad Lettering has become quite popular since my last post about it. I’ve had my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil for exactly 3 month now. There have been some fantastic updates, a lot of new brush releases and quite a big improvement in my personal Lettering since then.

I’ve been getting quite a lot of questions about the iPad and how to go about digital handlettering, so I decided to write this post. I’m gonna give you a quick overview on how to go about starting this whole thing. Continue reading “iPad Lettering 101”