This site has been waiting to be created for a while… while it’s still waiting for some love (and time to be spent on it), here a few projects I did.

I am currently extremely limited with my time, since I study full time and do part-time work as a frontend developer, so I only take on non-coding projects at the moment.

Code Work

Coding with Pug, Sass and Javascript is my favorite kind of work. I like simple, static websites when there is no need for fancy sliders, databases and server-side languages like PHP. I like to avoid bloat and keep loading times reasonable. I’ll do WordPress pages when there is the need and choose the static site generator jekyll if the user is ready to learn how to blog like a hacker. I do more coding than design work and will usually collaborate with designers on bigger projects.

I know HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript (preferably jQuery), Git, some PHP, limited SQL.


halfapx @ GitHub

I wrote blogger templates years ago, some jekyll templates, Stylesheet starter pack, and simple jQuery Plugins free to be used.


The site you’re looking at is written and maintained using jekyll. It’s hosted on GitHub, though generated locally using plugins. It features some ruby-powered generators and scripts for automating the publishing process and generating new content. No database behind this site. Every line of code on here is hand-written. No frameworks whatsoever, jQuery, though.

Some other Sites I recently coded.

  • digitalmind.ch jekyll blog with multiple language support. Using grunt to automate the whole site generating process.
  • micheledekker.ch Also a jekyll blog, using grunt for built processes and hosted on GitHub.
  • www.medic-sport.ch/ simple static site, written with Jade (now Pug) and Sass.
  • zd-law.ch/ minimalistic static site, written with Pug and Sass.

Photography, Lettering, Calligraphy

I share Lettering and Calligraphy posts multiple Times a day @halfapx and some of my mostly macro photography @halfapix on Instagram.


My Curriculum includes film-making and a creative course where you are asked to come up with Semester projects. Some of the things I did include

  • Fourteen Dreams: A Brush Lettering Font (Website is German only) I created a brush lettering font including ligatures and alternative letters, Open type features were programmed so that each letter is connected based on context. Letters were handdrawn, digitized using Illustrator’s Pen Tool and the font created using the Open Source Program FontForge.
  • Cupcakes Deconstructed: an interactive baking eBook (Website German only) Recipe-Making, Baking, Writing, Photography, Film Production and eBook Coding all combined to create an interactive eBook for my favorite baked good - Cupcakes.
  • Mikroplastik: an Infographic(German only) An interactive infogrpahic. SVGs created in Illustrator, Coding done with HTML, Sass and jQuery.